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Juan Manuel Cardona

Tour leader


Juan is a Colombian birding guide and passionate about birds who actually lives in Pereira city, Central Andes of Colombia. In the school, Juan was a member of the local birding group called Aguilas, in La Florida, a small village near to the Otún river área, and was there where he got involved in the stunning world of birds. He started as a nature guide and local birding guide at Otún Quimbaya fauna and flora sanctuary (NNP), in 2008, at the same time that started his study in tourism and heritage administration at UNISARC and music at Technological University of Pereira.

In 2013 he started his study about birds biology, getting high interest in bird communication and bird migration. He is also a co-founder of the Yarumo Blanco community association (NGO), which their objectives are related to support and promote the nature conservancy, education, and tourism developing process in the Otún river basin, Pereira. Actually, he is expanding the exploration of new available birding routes in Colombia, as the Amazonia and Orinoco regions in order to expand and offer a diverse and high-quality experience for visitors.

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