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New sights on the endemic Santa Marta Sabrewing

The #endemic Santa Marta Sabrewing (Campylopterus phainoplepus) is a very rare hummingbird species that has only been encountered a few times. Selva Foundation researchers recently obtained new photographic evidence of the presence of this bird on the southeast slope of Colombia’s Santa Marta Mountains, the only location where the hummingbird can be found.

The hummingbird was last seen more than a decade ago, so this new sighting is a fantastic find for Colombian ornithology.

Original tweet from Selva Foundation announcing the new sighting.

The habitat of the Santa Marta Sabrewing, like that of many other Colombian endemic hummingbirds, is constantly under pressure and threat.

Check out the good news on The Guardian here

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Johnnier is the manager and main tour leader of The Andean Birder. Over 13 years he has been organizing and leading birding trips in the most important regions of Colombia.

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