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Hacienda El Bosque


Manizales. 3300 meters


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Paramo del Ruiz, Los Termales road and Termales del Ruiz feeders


Hacienda El Bosque is a must-visit destination for any birdwatcher exploring the Central Andes of Colombia. This cattle ranch simultaneously protects extensive high Andean forest areas through a conservation model known as a civil society natural reserve. This reserve is sanctioned by Colombian law and is part of the country’s national system of protected areas. In recent years, Hacienda El Bosque initiated a nature tourism project that stands out as one of the most successful in the Manizales region.

The project began, like many others, with feeding stations for Antpittas, where two species can be observed: the Equatorial Antpitta and the extremely rare Crescent-faced Antpitta. This location is the only place within its limited distribution, stretching from northern Ecuador to Colombia, where the Crescent-faced Antpitta can be spotted. Subsequently, a feeding station for the Gray-breasted Mountain-toucan was established, and this charismatic bird has become a regular visitor to the daily offerings of grapes.

Other species of interest include the Barred Fruiteater, Andean Guan, White-throated Quail-dove, and a numerous family of Hooded Mountain-tanager. Hacienda El Bosque also features several cabins with the best views of the mountains and a welcoming restaurant serving both guests and visitors.

In total, three stations or feeding areas are available, each tailored to the different needs of nature photographers while simultaneously delighting the avid birdwatcher.

Crescent-faced Antpitta by Johnnier Arango
Gray-breasted-Mountain-toucan by Johnnier Arango
Equatorial Antpitta by Johnnier Arango
Barred Fruiteater by Johnnier Arango
Hooded Mountain-Tanager by Johnnier Arango

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