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Paramo del Ruiz, Termales road and Termales del Ruiz


Manizales. 3500-4100 meters


Half or full-day

Connects well with

Hacienda El Bosque


The Paramo del Ruiz in the vicinity of Los Nevados National Natural Park is another destination of great significance for any visitor to Manizales. The Paramo is a unique ecosystem that also harbors species restricted to life at elevations above 3000 meters, with high humidity, icy winds, and abrupt temperature changes between day and night. It is in this paramo where you can find the Buffy Hummingbird, a hummingbird endemic to a small area in the central Andes of Colombia, and the Rufous-fronted Parakeet, a rare parakeet found only in the immediate area around Los Nevados National Natural Park. The Paramo del Ruiz easily connects with the Termales road, where you experience the transition between the paramo, the paramo dwarf forest, and the high Andean forest. In this new habitat, it is possible to find other species of interest such as the striking Rainbow-bearded Thornbill, Golden-crowned Tanager, and various other hummingbirds like the Black-thighed Puffleg, Golden-breasted Puffleg, Purple-backed Thornbill, and Sword-billed Hummingbird.

This short route is the perfect complement to Hacienda El Bosque, although it can easily be planned for a full day or a day and a half due to the abundance of present and possible species to observe.

Rufous-fronted Parakeet by Juan Lopez
Golden-crowned Tanager by Johnnier Arango
Scarlet-bellied Mountain-tanager by Juan Lopez
Rainbow-bearded Thornbill by Juan Lopez
Crimson-mantled Woodpecker by Juan Lopez

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