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A new Harpy Eagle active nest was found in Colombia and we organized one of the first birding trips to see this amazing bird in its natural habitat. A birding trip by #TheAndeanBirder.

Camilo Orjuela, a talented birder and guide from Colombia’s Meta department, discovered with the invaluable assistance of locals, an active nest of the Harpy Eagle, a highly sought-after bird and a lifetime lifer for many birders, in January 2022, and immediately he started a project with the help of national and international contributors to protect the eagles’ nest and habitat, as well as to educate the local people on the knowledge and importance of protecting an endangered species like this one.

Camilo’s father and “Morocho,” the one who first brought the good news of the nest’s existence, have been constantly monitoring it since its discovery. This monitoring has greatly helped in understanding the various nesting periods and learning more about the eagle’s natural history.

Deidre Absjorn, one of our clients and friends, was the first international tourist to visit the nest, as part of a short birding tour that also included other locations in the Eastern Andes foothills and the Orinoco savannah.

We’d like to share some of the photos from this incredible experience with you, as well as the checklists and a general summary of the species seen. Have fun with it!

Here you can check the map, checklists, and more pictures of the birds seen, thanks to the eBird’s trip reports tool: https://ebird.org/tripreport/68473

Gallery of the trip

About the author

Johnnier is the manager and main tour leader of The Andean Birder. Over 13 years he has been organizing and leading birding trips in the most important regions of Colombia.

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